Pixie Jenkins (born as Paul Blake Jenkins, in Launceston, Tasmania, 1957) is an Australian fiddle player, singer, songwriter and entertainer. Referred to by his stage name ‘Pixie’, in an article in The Australian, Pixie was referenced alongside Jimmy Little, Chad Morgan and Slim Dusty as “…an icon of Australia’s country music industry”.

His first studio recording was on the Rick and Thel Carey recording ‘Doing Things Together’ released by Hadley Records in 1977. In 1979, this young violinist was asked to join the traveling road show of the legendary ‘Singing Jackeroo’ – Buddy Williams. In 1981 Pixie joined ‘Are You Ready For The Country’, a show produced by Lester V Coombs. In 1983, he joined with ‘rock and roll’ star Digger Revell in his country show supporting Cher and Charlie Pride. Pixie left Sydney in 1984 and joined ‘The Hired Hands’ in Tamworthand this band went on to win the 1984 Australian country music awards ‘Golden Guitar’ for Best Instrumental.

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