1944-1968 // Loop
(Far Eastern) This over-the-top tiki bar and restaurant out-tiki’d the competition with its Polynesian fare and exotic cocktails so potent, management set a two-zombie-drink limit.

College Inn
1844-1973 // Loop
(Continental) As well known for its chicken à la king—yes, that chicken à la king—as its indoor ice-skating, this razz­ma-tazz club knew how to throw a party.

Jimmy’s Place
1978-1995 // Avondale
(Franco-Asian) Jimmy Rohr greeted guests at the door, kept the lights low, and played strictly opera music, which made for the most civilized dinner in town.

Eli’s Place for Steak
1966-2005 // Gold Coast
(steaks) This indie steak house nodded to its Jewish deli roots—chopped liver, herring—attracted celebs like Johnny Carson, and spawned a cheesecake empire.

Le Perroquet
1973-1991 // Gold Coast
(French) A visit to Jovan Trboyevic’s sanctuary for nouvelle cuisine started with a private elevator ride to the third floor—where bad behavior would get you tossed out.

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