This is a list of streets and squares in New York City named after a person, organized by borough.


  • Allen Street – Captain William Henry Allen, the youngest person to command a Navy ship in the War of 1812.
  • Ann Street – Ann White, wife of developer and merchant Capt. Thomas White
  • Astor Place and Astor Row – John Jacob Astor and other members of the Astor family, landowners
  • Barrow Street – Thomas Barrow, artist of a popular engraving of Trinity Church
  • Bayard Street and Hester Street – Hester Bayard
  • Beach Street – Paul Bache, the son-in-law of Anthony Lispenard, who owned Lispenard Meadows, just south of what is now Canal Street
  • Beak Street – uncertain, but probably for the Beak family
  • Beekman Place, Beekman Street, William Street – Wilhelmus Beekman. William Street is also named for William of Nassau.

  • Bethune Street (pronounced Beth-YOON) – Johanna Bethune, co-founder of the New York Orphan Asylum
  • Bleecker Street – Anthony Bleecker (1770–1827). a lawyer, poet and friend of Washington Irving and William Cullen Bryant, because the street ran through Bleecker’s farm.
  • Bogardus Place – the Bogardus family, including Everardus Bogardus and James Bogardus
  • Broome Street – John Broome, lieutenant governor of New York
  • Cabrini Boulevard – Mother Cabrini
  • Charles Street – Charles Christopher Amos, landowner
  • Charlton Street – John Charlton, president of the New York Medical Society
  • Christopher Street – Charles Christopher Amos, landowner. Prior to 1799 known as Skinner Road after Col. William Skinner, son-in-law of landowner Adm. Peter Warren
  • Colonel Robert Magaw Place – Robert Magaw, a colonel in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War
  • Columbus Circle – for the quadcentennial of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus
  • Cortlandt Street – for the Cortlandt family, landowners
  • Delancey Street – James De Lancey, who owned a farm located in what is now the Lower East Side
  • Detective Omar J. Edwards Way – after a police officer killed by friendly fire
  • Dyckman Street – named for Dutch farmer William Dyckman, whose family owned over 250 acres (11,000,000 sq ft) of farmland in the area; the Dyckman House, located nearby at the corner of Broadway and 204th Street, was built by William Dyckman in 1784 and is the oldest remaining farmhouse in Manhattan
  • Forsyth Street – Lt. Col. Benjamin Forsyth
  • Fulton Street – Robert Fulton
  • Gay Street – possibly “R. Gay,” apocryphally to Sidney Howard Gay
  • George Balanchine Way – In 1990 a segment of West 63rd Street near the New York State Theatre was renamed George Balanchine Way, after the founder of the New-York City Ballet.
  • Great Jones Street – Samuel Jones, “The Father of The New York Bar”
  • Greene Street – Nathanael Greene, American Revolutionary War hero
  • Henry Street (Manhattan) – Henry Rutgers, American Revolutionary War hero
  • Horatio Street – Horatio Gates, American Revolutionary War hero of the Battle of Saratoga
  • Houston Street (pronounced HOW-ston) – William Houstoun, Founding Father
  • Irving Place – Washington Irving (author) known for his History of New York and short stories like “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”
  • Jane Street – A Mr. Jaynes, who resided at #81, where Alexander Hamilton is sometimes said to have died
  • Jefferson Street (Manhattan) – Thomas Jefferson, 3rd American President
  • Peter Jennings Way – Peter Jennings, ABC News anchor
  • Juan Pablo Duarte Boulevard (part of Saint Nicholas Avenue) – Juan Pablo Duarte, a founding father of the Dominican Republic
  • LaGuardia Place – Fiorello LaGuardia, Mayor of New York City
  • Lenox Avenue – James Lenox, philanthropist
  • Leroy Street – Jacob Le Roy & Son, a shipping company and War of 1812 blockade-runner
  • Ludlow Street – Augustus Ludlow, War of 1812 naval hero
  • Macdougal Street – Alexander McDougall, Revolutionary War hero
  • Madison Avenue and Madison Street – James Madison, fourth president of the United States
  • Malcolm X Boulevard (co-named with Lenox Avenue) – Malcolm X American human rights activist
  • Mercer Street – Hugh Mercer, American Revolutionary War figure
  • Monroe Street (Manhattan) – James Monroe, American president
  • Morton Street – Jacob Morton, early 19th century militia commander
  • Nassau Street – William of Nassau
  • Perry Street – Oliver Hazard Perry, naval hero of the War of 1812
  • Rivington Street – James Rivington, Revolutionary War-era publisher
  • Rutgers Street – Henry Rutgers, American Revolutionary War hero
  • St. Mark’s Place
  • Saint Nicholas Avenue – Saint Nicholas
  • Stuyvesant Street – Peter Stuyvesant, last governor of New Netherland, who owned the land
  • Sullivan Street – John Sullivan, American Revolutionary War general
  • Thompson Street – William Thompson, Revolutionary War general
  • Vanderbilt Avenue – Vanderbilt family, who owned Grand Central Terminal, the construction of which predicated construction of the road
  • Varick Street – Richard Varick, American Revolutionary War figure and Mayor of New York City
  • Vesey Street (pronounced VEE-see) – after Rev. William Vesey
  • Washington Street – George Washington, first president of the United States
  • Wooster Street – David Wooster, American Revolutionary War hero
  • Worth Street – William J. Worth


  • Chatham Square – William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, and Prime Minister of Great Britain
  • Duffy Square – Chaplain Francis P. Duffy of New York’s 69th Infantry Regiment
  • Hanover Square – the House of Hanover
  • Lincoln Square – a local landowner
  • Madison Square – James Madison, fourth President of the United States
  • Margaret Sanger Square – founder of Planned Parenthood
  • Times Square – The New York Times
  • Tompkins Square Park – Daniel D. Tompkins (1774–1825), Vice President of the United States
  • Verdi Square – Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer
  • Washington Square Park – George Washington
  • Worth Square – William J. Worth


  • Bruckner Boulevard and Bruckner Expressway – Henry Bruckner, politician and longtime Borough President
  • Elias Karmon Way; (Located at the corner of Thwaites Place and Barker Avenue 10467) – Elias Karmon, aka fondly “Mr. Bronx” and then later “Dr. Bronx” for his honorary graduate degree. He was great-grandfather, a generous philanthropist and humanitarian to multiple causes in and outside of the Bronx, and owed multiple businesses in the Bronx since the late 1930s.
  • Bartow Avenue – Family of John Bartow, a missionary for the Anglican Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in London
  • Seabury Avenue – Samuel Seabury, first Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal of America
  • Corsa Avenue – Family of Andrew Corsa who led 5,000 American and French troops to Morrisania to survey British fortifications

•Many street names in the North East Bronx were named after past Mayors and Governors of New York City, and a few after former Westchester county officers as the Bronx was at one time part of Westchester County. Below is a partial list of streets named after past New York City Mayors and Governors: Provost Ave,Dereimer Avenue,Mickle Ave,Rombouts Ave.,Tiemann Ave.,Gunther Ave,Van Cortland Ave.,Ludwig Ave.(Charles Lodwik),Peartree Ave Wilson Ave.,Cruger Ave,Heathcote Ave.,Lurting Ave.,Colden Ave.,Hone Ave.,Paulding Ave.,Radcliffe Ave.,Woodhull Ave.,Edson Ave Ely Ave.,Grace Ave.,Wickham Ave.,Morris Ave.,Westervelt Ave.,Grant Ave. Governors:,Throop Ave.Yates Ave Fish Ave.Seymour Ave Hunts Point .Odell Ave.,Lehman Pl. ,Thomas E Dewey Highway


  • Fulton Street – Robert Fulton
  • Herzl Street – Theodor Herzl
  • McGuinness Boulevard – Peter McGuinness
  • Vanderbilt Avenue – Vanderbilt family


  • Brinckerhoff Avenue – the Brinckerhoff family
  • Douglaston Parkway – named for the Douglas family as was the area of Douglaston, Queens
  • Francis Lewis Boulevard – Francis Lewis, local resident and signer of the Declaration of Independence
  • Parsons Boulevard – named after botanist Samuel Bowne Parsons
  • Jackie Robinson Parkway – Jackie Robinson – Major League Baseball player
  • Roosevelt Avenue – Theodore Roosevelt
  • Sean Bell Way – renamed for the victim of a controversial police-involved shooting, originally named Liverpool Street
  • Steinway Street – named for the makers of the famed Steinway piano. Their factory was located in the Astoria area of Queens, where this street runs through.
  • Van Wyck Expressway (formerly Van Wyck Boulevard) – named for Robert Anderson Van Wyck, first mayor of New York City after the consolidation of the five boroughs

Staten Island

  • Father Capodanno Boulevard – Vincent R. Capodanno, killed in action in the Vietnam War
  • Hylan Boulevard – John F. Hylan, Mayor of New York City
  • LaGuardia Avenue – Fiorello LaGuardia, Mayor of New York City
  • Detective Russel Timoshenko Way – after a police officer killed in the line of duty

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