Varian House

Year built: 1758

Location: 3266 Bainbridge Ave. in the Bronx

Built by Isaac Valentine on property that included a blacksmith shop, farmland, outhouses and slaves, according to the Bronx Historical Society, this four-story house was occupied by the British for most of the Revolutionary War.

It became a museum showcasing Bronx History in 1968, and its three galleries are still open to the public today.

Van Cortlandt Mansion

Year built: 1748

Location:Broadway at West 246th Street in the Bronx

This mansion on the Van Cortlandt estate was a strategic spot for both the Colonial and British armies during the American Revolution. It’s believed George Washington stayed in the house at least twice (where didn’t that guy sleep?)

Van Cortlandt descendants sold the entire estate to the city in 1886. The mansion now serves as a museum, open to the public.

Scott-Edwards House

Year built: 1730

Location: 752 Delafield Ave. in Staten Island

A mixture of original Dutch Colonial and later-added Greek Revival architecture, this house was built on the estate of Gov. Thomas Dongan, who served in 1683. It then became the home of Judge Ogden Edwards, who would go on to become the first New York Supreme Court justice from Staten Island.

It then got into the hands of florist Adam Scott and Bronx Botanical Gardens employee Samuel Henshaw, who is credited for its beautiful landscaping.

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