The Epic Center is a high-rise building located at 301 N. Main St. in Wichita, Kansas. At 325 feet, it is the tallest building in the city of Wichita, and the entire state of Kansas (One Kansas City Place is in Missouri). The tallest structure in the state is the KWCH Tower.


Construction of the Epic Center began in 1987. It officially opened for business in 1989. Created as a lure for businesses to the downtown area, the Epic Center helped create a “big city” feel for Wichita at a time when the economy was fluctuating. The building has 22 stories above ground level.

Originally, the plans called for two twin towers to be built, but those plans were scrapped in favor of a single tower due to the fear that the occupancy level would never reach near capacity. At the time, this led to a local joke referring to the development as “Epic Off-Center”, but that epithet is now largely forgotten.

In 2007, in a $1.4 billion transaction the Epic Center, One and Two Brittany Place and 31 other buildings, were acquired by real estate investment firm Behringer Harvard, when it acquired IPC US REIT.


Today the building’s tenants include law firms, banking and loan corporations, a field office of the Secret Service, and many other businesses. Due to the current downtown development in progress, it has been speculated that other high-rise buildings or skyscrapers may soon be under construction in downtown Wichita.

The Epic Center has 298,000 square feet (27,700 m2) of office space. Hinkle Law Firm LLC, Allen, Gibbs & Houlik LC and Viega LLC Inc. are its biggest tenants.

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